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Stand up for improved productivity!

In today’s society, people are living increasingly sedentary lifestyles. This is also the case in work environments, with more and more people engaged in office-based jobs. Worryingly, sedentary behaviour is having negative impacts on an individual’s health and their productivity.

2017-08-15T11:55:55+00:00 15 October 2015|Categories: News articles|

Open plan vs enclosed office space

A recent discussion reminded us of a report in The Telegraph a few years back which claimed that workers are less satisfied in open plan offices. The report sounded pretty conclusive, but in our experience there's much more to the matter than the attention-grabbing headlines let on!

2017-08-15T11:57:58+00:00 17 August 2015|Categories: News articles|

World Productivity Day

Tomorrow – Saturday 20 June 2015 – is officially World Productivity Day! Here are our top three tips for giving your business's productivity levels a timely boost.

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