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Procol people: Roy Bertuello

In this first of an occasional series of profiles of the Procol team, we chat to Roy Bertuallo about his in-depth experience of office design, the projects that really float his boat, and his forthcoming sailing trip from the UK to Malta.

2017-08-15T11:46:12+00:0019 April 2016|Categories: News articles|

Global Asbestos Awareness Week

1 April 2016 saw the launch of Global Asbestos Awareness Week (GAAW). The campaign aimed to raise awareness of the risks associated with asbestos. Although banned in the UK, asbestos is something we often encounter during our work.

2017-08-15T11:47:09+00:005 April 2016|Categories: News articles|

The death of the desk?

Traditionally, the desk is each office worker's personal space. However, due to changes in the way people work and the need for more flexible working environments, are we seeing the death of the desk?

2017-08-15T11:51:55+00:0010 March 2016|Categories: News articles|

Home working vs office working

Yahoo famously stopped their employees from working at home, while companies such as PC manufacturer Dell have become well known for making use of remote working. No matter who is right, the debate once again thrusts the effects of working environments on productivity into the spotlight.

2017-08-15T11:52:53+00:0012 January 2016|Categories: News articles|

Stand up for improved productivity!

In today’s society, people are living increasingly sedentary lifestyles. This is also the case in work environments, with more and more people engaged in office-based jobs. Worryingly, sedentary behaviour is having negative impacts on an individual’s health and their productivity.

2017-08-15T11:55:55+00:0015 October 2015|Categories: News articles|

Open plan vs enclosed office space

A recent discussion reminded us of a report in The Telegraph a few years back which claimed that workers are less satisfied in open plan offices. The report sounded pretty conclusive, but in our experience there's much more to the matter than the attention-grabbing headlines let on!

2017-08-15T11:57:58+00:0017 August 2015|Categories: News articles|