Increasing numbers of people are hitting the gym to maintain a healthy lifestyle. At the same time, demand for flexible and affordable workspaces for start-up and small businesses is increasing. According to an article on, in the US, these two phenomena are merging, with the introduction of office space in gyms.

After noticing that members were stood outside of their gyms answering emails, Equinox Fitness Clubs decided to start opening co-working spaces in some of its upscale locations.

In Washington, a yoga centre opened up an office space, and as part of the package offered meditation and yoga classes. Employees not only took advantage of the classes, but also started holding ‘sweatworking’ meetings, offering an alternative and healthier way to catch up without involving alcohol.

Being located within a gym can be advantageous for a small business, allowing them to provide gym membership as a competitive perk for potential employees. As well has helping to attact staff who may have otherwise chosen to work elsewhere, it encourages employees to lead a healthy lifestyle (which has a positive impact on absence or sick leave).

For employees, being able to have a quick workout before the start of their day – maybe popping along to a yoga class at lunch or taking a dip in a pool after work – also helps foster a greater work-life balance.

It’s a win-win for fitness studios too. It provides a lucrative new source of revenue during what would normally be quiet points of the day, and brings more potential customers through the door.

If you want to add office space to your gym – or a gym to your office space – our office design team can work out the best approach (pun intended!). For, more details simply get in touch.