Football fans will be familiar with the Goal of the Month and Goal of the Season features on Match of the Day. The winners we love are those rare and beautifully worked goals involving the whole team. Here’s why…

You can imagine the kind of goal we are talking about. The keeper swiftly passes out to the left back, who knocks it to the centre back, who pokes it to the right back, who races onto it and out of defence.

A midfielder loses his opposite number, receives a pass and works the ball across the field to the left wing.

Some fancy footwork follows. A pinpoint cross finds the number 9 on the far side of the box. He shapes to shoot, but nutmegs a defender, rolling the ball into the path of the centre forward who strikes the ball home.


You don’t have to be an afficionado of ‘the beautiful game’ to appreciate this kind of thing. Impressively worked goals or points involving the whole team can be seen in netball, hockey, basketball… and in our work at Procol.

Two new projects involving the whole Procol team

In fact, two separate clients in the telecoms industry have just commissioned us for projects that will require the involvement of every aspect of our team, with each project hitting the back of the net in spring 2023.

By coincidence both projects are near Birmingham. Some time ago, we might have considered these ‘away matches’ given our base in Wiltshire. But times have changed, our reputation has grown, and while many of our clients are based along the M4 corridor, we are helping with an increasing number of projects throughout the UK.

Geography aside, it’s actually the nature and demands of the projects that would make them contenders for our own Goal of the Season competition (if we had one!).

In each case we will be converting industrial warehouse premises into technical and office space.

Our planning and design professionals will kick things off, followed by in-depth involvement from our M&E experts. With a full scheme of works drawn up and approved, our project management and civil construction skills will then come into play, with technical and fit-out specialists finishing things off – a true team effort.

It helps that all our key people have worked together for a long while and our approach is a practised one. But as in football, putting into action something that could sound like it is ‘straight off the training ground’ is never that straightforward.

For example, right now our industry faces difficult supply chain conditions. We’ve taken account for this on the two Birmingham projects and have everything in hand. But there are sure to be other challenges to be tackled between concept and completion.

Ready for the next match

Of course, even when these projects are over the line we won’t be pulling our hi-viz vests over our heads and running around in crazy celebration. And unlike football, our work doesn’t really make for great Saturday-night telly and post-match punditry.

That said, we are hugely proud of the goals we score on behalf of our clients. But afterwards, rather than engaging in wild celebrations, you’ll find us looking forward to the kick-off of the next project!

Whether your goal needs the involvement of the full Procol team or is a more simple ‘tap in over the line’, we are here to help. To discuss a potential project call 01225 701701 or email