The first energy-positive office in the UK has been opened at Swansea University. As reported on the Construction Enquirer website, the building generates more energy than it consumes, and combines a range of innovative technologies to capture, store and release energy through one integrated system.

The office was designed by SPECIFIC, a UK innovation and knowledge centre led by Swansea University. The project took eight months to complete, with only three days needed for installation. It has made use of cutting-edge technologies such as a curved roof with integrated solar panels, a photovoltaic thermal system on the south-facing wall, and lithium-ion batteries.

It’s not the only environmentally notable office-design feature at Swansea University, as right next door to the new energy-positive offices is the UK’s first energy-positive classroom.

The office and classroom will be linked together in order to share energy, showcasing how this concept could be used in energy-resilient, solar-powered communities in the future.

Kevin Bygate, COO of SPECIFIC said, “Offices are enormous consumers of energy, so turning them energy-positive has the potential to slash fuel bills and dramatically reduce their carbon emissions.”

Well said, Kevin! At Procol, we are continually seeking and employing innovative new ways to help clients make energy and carbon reductions. We do this in both offices and in technical environments such as data centres, where efficient new cooling systems can make a major impact. For more details get in touch.