No, we’re not talking about your toilets, we’re talking about your employees! Productivity is falling, with worrying numbers of employees feeling unengaged in the workplace. A better office design can keep people engaged in their tasks, and help others tune back in.

The productivity of the UK’s workforce fell by 0.4 per cent in the last quarter of 2018 according to the Office for National Statistics. A major issue facing organisations is a lack of employee engagement, with research by Steelcase indicating that only 29% of UK workers feeling engaged.

Worryingly, ‘toxic’ disengaged workers – who coast through the day, putting the time in without energy and enthusiasm – can spread their discontentment to others. Conversely, research from Gallup shows that engaged workforce can expect productivity increases of 21%

Key to engaging employees is ensuring they feel valued and have a sense of purpose. Of course, this needs to be initiated and embodied by the organisation’s leadership, practices and culture. But when an office space is designed to be in tune with the aims of the business, and when it reflects a company’s positive purpose, employees feel much more valued.

What’s more, with competition to secure talent becoming ever more intense, it’s the professional working environment that you offer prospective employees and not just the remuneration package that can steer the best people your way.

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