Recent temperatures have been nudging towards the 30s, which may be why our eyes were drawn to an article on, who were reporting that not only had the tech firm refurbished its offices, but they had also opened a bar serving free gelato. Coooool!

Instagram has outgrown it’s shared space inside Facebook’s New York headquarters, so has recently taken over its own floor, allowing for a new office makeover that could compete with the likes of Google and Yahoo.

Stepping inside the new office you could be forgiven for believing you have just walked into an Instagram feed. The glitter bears, rainbow dome and miniature meeting room fitted out in Versace’s golden vector pattern could look out of place in any other location but in Instagram’s new office they fit right in.

While just like some other offices in the technology industry, the food and drink are free and the meeting rooms have unique names, the office was not only designed to represent Instagram but also to make it into visitors’ Instagram feeds. It’s almost impossible to visit the must-photograph-office aesthetic without posting a photo!

Some of the highlights of the new office include a digital greeting wall featuring screens with feed posts from the app’s 800 million users; a technicoloured dome; a living plant wall; the Thirsty Flamingo self-serve bar; and the MiNY conference room, which was fitted out by Versace.

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