Procol’s experience includes more than 25 years of dealing with everything from directors’ suites to data centres, boardrooms to breakout areas, and canteens to cloakrooms. This has given us tremendous insight into the ways in which office and technical environments can either benefit your business or hold it back. We’ve coined the term professional working environments to describe the standard of environment we design, deliver and support throughout its life cycle.

Professional working environments are spaces of the highest standard

Some working environments are just very poor and clearly in need of improvement. Those that have undergone work to enhance them will be better, but are often just pretty or practical. Even those that are quite productive typically miss the chance to be outstanding. Procol’s approach goes further than most and delivers a higher, professional standard of office environment or technical environment.

Procol Working Environment pyramid
  • ‘Professional’ working environments are pretty, practical and productive, but also deliver a wider range of additional benefits to the client’s business.
  • The process of delivering environments of this standard will have been smooth and seamless.
  • Their design and specification will have been done with consideration of the environment’s life cycle, enabling the client to minimise ongoing costs, and plan for future investment.
  • Such spaces are created by companies such as Procol who are interested in building long-term relationships by being an ongoing source of insightful advice and practical support.
  • ‘Productive’ environments are both attractive and practical. People enjoy working in them, and they perform effectively and efficiently.
  • These environments often fail to deliver against the broader business issues, responsibilities and opportunities that are important to today’s Facilities Managers.
  • The delivery of such environments may have involved disparate groups of subcontractors, making the process protracted or disjointed.
  • Such spaces are often created by highly competent providers, but a focus on projects rather than ongoing relationships means these companies may ‘deliver then desert’ you.
  • ‘Pretty’ environments are those that are attractive but which fail to address space-planning or usage issues, and ‘paper over the cracks’ of underlying technical problems.
  • Such spaces are typically created by companies who solely supply the aesthetic components such as furniture or flooring.
  • ‘Practical’ environments may be functionally sound – and even planned well – but may simply not appeal to the people who work there, and thereby fail to deliver optimal value.
  • Such spaces are typically created by companies who focus on the supply of the functional components such as partitions, air-con and ceilings.
  • ‘Poor’ environments underperform in key areas and are the antitheses of their ‘professional’ counterparts.
  • These unattractive spaces will be used or planned inefficiently, demotivating the people working there and delivering poor levels of productivity.
  • ‘Poor’ spaces are often signified by ageing or inefficient equipment – anything from air conditioning units to seating – which increase the risk of technical failures, health issues and other costly yet avoidable problems.
  • Such spaces are usually ‘hidden away’ from the business’s customers and prospective employees as they are likely to create a negative impression.

Professional working environments
propel your business

They help you to:

  • Increase productivity, quality and efficiency
  • Do more to a better standard with the same space or less
  • Encourage and enable useful employee interaction, improved communication and the sharing or development of ideas
  • Enhance employee wellbeing and motivation
  • Reduce the cost of heating, lighting and ventilation

Professional working environments
protect your business

They make it easier for you to:

  • Comply with workspace regulations and legislation now and in the future
  • Adapt quickly and efficiently to the need to change the size or use of space
  • Prevent the disruption and expense caused by avoidable technical problems or poorly specced equipment
  • Plan expenditure with greater confidence

Professional working environments
promote your business

They support your efforts to:

  • Project a better image of your business to all audiences and stakeholders
  • Attract better-calibre employees
  • Offer a more efficient or better-quality service to your clients
  • Be known for positive actions on issues such as sustainability, carbon emissions and disability access

We deliver the benefits of professional working environments in two areas: office environments and technical environments. To discuss your requirements with one of our team, or to arrange a FREE consultation, simply get in touch.