#1: Well, well, well…

The role office design plays in protecting and enhancing and employee wellbeing has been on the radar of many businesses radar for some time now. But 2019 is set to see some changes.

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#3: Engaged or vacant?!

No, we're not talking about your toilets, we're talking about your employees! Productivity is falling, with worrying numbers of employees feeling unengaged in the workplace. Office design can keep people engaged in their tasks, and help others tune back in.

2019-01-25T11:13:02+00:0010 January 2019|Categories: News articles|

It’s all working out wonderfully!

Increasing numbers of people are hitting the gym, and demand for flexible and affordable workspaces for start-ups is increasing. In the US, these two phenomena are merging, with the introduction of office space in gyms.

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Has your business seen the light about art?

Developers wanting to set new or refurbished office space apart in a competitive market, and employers wanting to provide a working environment that attracts the best employees, are finding illumination through digital art and lighting installations.

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