Facilitating communication and positive interactions are two compelling reasons to consider an open-plan approach to your office space. But listen up… open-plan office space may not be music to everybody’s ears! Two thirds of people polled in a recent survey reported that noise from colleagues’ conversations and other sources negatively affected ability to do their job accurately and efficiently.

The ‘Noise and Wellbeing at Work 2019’ survey stated that 44% of people found that noise negatively affected their wellbeing, and 52% were interrupted more than five times a day. Once distracted, it can take people around 15 minutes to regain their focus so the effects on productivity are significant.

At Procol, our discussions about space planning almost always touch on the subject of noise distraction. The needs and the nature of each client differ, so we are cautious to consider factors such as company culture, employee demographics and business functions when planning each working environment.

Everyone wants to facilitate positive interactions between employees, but this has to be done with clear consideration for the impacts.

As such, we believe open-plan office spaces have their place… and so do enclosed offices, breakout rooms and areas separated by noise-reducing office partitioning systems. Together, you can make your office space strike the perfect balance between collaboration, communication and calm.

For a quiet word on the positive management of noise in your working environment, just give us a shout!