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In praise of knives and forks

Occasionally people ask us why we are involved in office environments and technical environments such as data centres. Perhaps to some they do appear unusual bedfellows. But as we like to explain, they are just like knives and forks…

2021-06-14T13:51:52+01:004 March 2021|Categories: News articles|

#2: The latest cutting-edge air styles

Back in January 2020 we made a range of rather prescient observations and recommendations relating to designing offices for better air quality and employee wellbeing. Looking ahead to 2021, we thought it worth reiterating and updating some of the key points.

2021-02-15T13:01:42+00:0018 November 2020|Categories: News articles|

#1: “Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes…”

"Ch-ch-ch-ch changes..." sang David Bowie in 1971. And flexibly designed office spaces, equipment and furniture that enable easy ch-ch-changes to meet ch-ch-changing needs look set to be top of the office-design pops in 2020.

2020-01-27T08:54:45+00:0024 January 2020|Categories: News articles|
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