Shakin’ Stevens topped the charts in 1981 singing about the green door. However, in 2020, it’s green doors, walls, floors, furniture, lighting and more that will be making crowds happy as sustainability becomes more evident in every aspect of office design.

This year, being green will be important for businesses. But for those aspiring to enjoy the benefits that a truly professional working environment will bring, it will be important to also be seen and known for being green. We call this trend ‘visible sustainability’.

Sustainable office design is (at least in part) about the use of recycled, sustainably sourced and environmetally friendly materials, alongside processes and technology that increase energy efficiency, minimise environmental impacts and meet ecologial and other related standards.

‘Visible sustainability’ is doing all of this in ways that aren’t just apparent in the boardroom and on balance sheets, but clear to one and all.

For example, using wood in place of drywall for walls; in place of laminates and carpets for floors; or in place of manmade desktops and counters, is not only potentially more sustainable, but shouts about it at the same time.

And where the sustainable elements of your office design are less obvious – such as the use of energy-efficient lighting and ventillation systems –  their presence and impact can be communicated by making a feature of digital displays showing real-time energy savings, or via a screens in your reception area and staff canteen.

To make your crowd happy by building green doors, floors and many other visibly sustainable ideas into your office design, just get in touch.