After a year of so much change in the UK, office design trends for 2017 are set to be all about people and personality. Here are three of the key ideas we expect to see featuring in the months ahead.

The natural touch

In 2016 we saw an increase in the popularity of adding natural elements into office design. This included an emphasis on using natural materials, and introducing plants and more daylight. This will continue to grow in popularity during 2017 as people understand more and more about the positive effects these natural elements can have on employees.

Employee wellbeing

New research continues to highlight of the links between employee wellbeing and the layout and design of working environments. As such, office design will become more focused on the user. Incorporating furniture such as sit/stand desks, adding breakout areas and introducing co-working areas are all becoming increasingly popular as they are known to contribute to employees’ happiness and productivity.

Design reflecting the business

Ensuring that office space reflects your business’s ethos is also set to be prominent in 2017. The design of your working environment can offer a subtle or strongly overt nod towards your business’s focus and personality. For example, a business that strongly values sustainability may seek the use of more natural, ethically sourced materials, or a tech company may like to incorporate a lounge where staff and visitors can play computer games.

Whether you are seeking an office refurbishment that is in-tune with these trends or does something a little different, we are always able to help you find the best office design solutions to suit the needs of your business, people and working environment. To find out more, please get in touch.