Modern ways of working have resulted in office workers spending more and more time at their desks. This can lead to diminishing levels of productivity and motivation. A breakout area will deliver benefits to employees and employers alike. It provides a space to meet and collaborate with colleagues or visitors, and a change of scene that will encourage fresh thinking and new ideas.

While desk-bound employees crave time away from their computer screens, employers are looking for ways to keep staff inspired and motivated. Breakout areas have a vital role to play in this, and are being seen as increasingly important for collaborative working.

Leading global business such as Amazon and Google recognise the importance of breakout areas. They’ve invested in innovative space planning that incorporates inspiring breakout areas into their working environments.

Including breakout areas in the space planning of your office also makes your office space more inviting and friendly. This is a key consideration if you are keen to recruit – and keep – the most talented employees.

The good news is that you don’t need to be a leading global businesses to incorporate a breakout area into your working environment. At Procol, we are experts at helping business of all sizes do more with the office space available to them.

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