A study conducted by psychologists at Exeter University has shown the positive effects introducing natural elements into the working environment can have on employees’ wellbeing. The study showed a workspace enhanced with office plants increased wellbeing by 47%, creativity by 45% and productivity by 38%.

The psychological effects of adding a touch of something natural to your working environment are not limited solely to the people working there. Creating a natural theme within the workplace also sends a positive message to people passing through, including important visitors and clients. And as we move into the dull days of autumn and winter, the natural colours of flourishing plants and flowers give everyone a welcome psychological boost.

There are many ways to add natural elements into your workspace. Among the most simple and cost effective ways to bring the outdoors in, is to add some plants. Varieties that would thrive in an office environment (and don’t need lots of care) include spider plants, rubber plants, peace lilies, dracaena, and English ivy.

If you have a bigger budget and more space, you could consider adding garden areas, living walls, freshly cut flowers or a design that creates a natural look.

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