“Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes…” sang David Bowie in 1971. And flexibly designed office spaces, equipment and furniture that enable easy ch-ch-changes to meet ch-ch-changing needs look set to be top of the office-design pops in 2020!

This time last year we spoke of how the high level of uncertainty in the world made predictions of trends seem futile. But now, it’s this continuing uncertainty – and, perhaps to a greater extent, frequently changing business needs – that are shaping this trend prediction for 2020.

Static office layouts often had their permanence underlined by bulky furniture and equally bulky wired-in technology. Today, however, the likes of easily movable, muli-functional, lightweight, ergonomic furniture; reconfigurable walls and dividers; adaptable lighting; and wireless tech enables office designs that are increasingly fluid and dynamic.

Layouts can now be much more focussed on people and the changing day-to-day needs of your business. If this month your team needs to work collaboratively on a large project, your office space can be quickly reconfigured to make that possible. But next month, when people are each working on smaller, individual tasks, the layout can be swiftly switched around to minimise distractions and allow team members to focus on their own tasks.

Ironically, the next line of David Bowie’s song was “Turn and face the strange”, but this 2020 trend for adaptable office space will make moving things around quite the opposite to strange. Instead, it will become very much the standard practice for any business wanting the benefits of a more flexible professional working environment.

So this year, whether you’re planning a new office design or the refurbishment of an existing workplace, we can help you ensure it’s geared up for all of the ch-ch-changes you, your team and your business need. For more details, just get in touch.