Although wellbeing initiatives may not have a found a home in every workplace and office design scheme just yet, there is increasing evidence that investing in your employees’ health is not going to be a passing fad.

The main factors that appear to be driving the growth in this area are linked to:

  • increasingly tough legislation relating to employee health
  • a need to drive up productivity with limited staff resources
  • a real desire within businesses to do what’s best for their workforce

Additionally, many companies are finding that health-and-wellbeing initiatives are now essential for attracting and holding on to the highest calibre of employees. Ensuring your work environment is contributing to an employee’s health and happiness has therefore never been more important.

And your office design can play a key role in this – a fact underpinned by news from Office Products International that UK office-product dealers have seen signifcant growth in the demand for health-and-wellbeing merchandise.

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