Safer, smarter, simpler: glass balustrades do it all!

Balustrades can be a key focal point in a building’s interior design, and glass is becoming seen as the material of choice in their construction.

14 September 2016|Categories: News articles|

Serviced offices are increasingly the solution

Serviced offices have been enjoying a growth in popularity, and a broader range of options is attracting an increasing and varied client base.

31 August 2016|Categories: News articles|

Office design trends of 2016

Trends in office design and layout have changed rapidly in recent times. Here are some of the key trends we have witnessed during the year so far at Procol.

1 July 2016|Categories: News articles|

Is it time to stage a breakout?!

Adding breakout areas to an office environment offers benefits to employers and employees alike. They provide a space to meet and collaborate, and a change of scene that inspires fresh thinking and new ideas.

16 June 2016|Categories: News articles|

Say hello to hybrid heating systems

Businesses and facilities managers are always looking for opportunities to make cost savings. Replacing an old heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) system with a modern hybrid version can result in some welcome efficiencies.

6 June 2016|Categories: News articles|

The amazing new Back App chair

The latest innovation in ergonomic office furniture, the Back App chair, offers a unique solution for office workers woth poor posture or lower-back pain.

17 May 2016|Categories: News articles|

Procol people: Roy Bertuello

In this first of an occasional series of profiles of the Procol team, we chat to Roy Bertuallo about his in-depth experience of office design, the projects that really float his boat, and his forthcoming sailing trip from the UK to Malta.

19 April 2016|Categories: News articles|

Global Asbestos Awareness Week

1 April 2016 saw the launch of Global Asbestos Awareness Week (GAAW). The campaign aimed to raise awareness of the risks associated with asbestos. Although banned in the UK, asbestos is something we often encounter during our work.

5 April 2016|Categories: News articles|

Flexible, scalable air conditioning for your data centre

Are you planning a new data centre that may need to grow over time, or developing a server room where space is proving a challenge? If so, we think the new range of TurboChill™ Water Cooled air conditioning units may form a valuable part of the solution.

31 March 2016|Categories: News articles|

The death of the desk?

Traditionally, the desk is each office worker's personal space. However, due to changes in the way people work and the need for more flexible working environments, are we seeing the death of the desk?

10 March 2016|Categories: News articles|