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Office design: functionality beats frivolity

When it comes to office design, employees would prefer reliable, modern technology to a wacky office environment, according to a recent study.

17 May 2017|Categories: News articles|

A positive picture of art in the workplace

A range of studies into the role and value of art in the workplace have found a surprising array of business benefits.

22 April 2017|Categories: News articles|

Office refurbishment is solution to lack of new development

Rising demand for office space along the south coast – and the lack of new office development – is leading to an increasing amount of office refurbishment.

3 April 2017|Categories: News articles|

Charity auction raises over £10,000

We were delighted to be offered the opportunity to get involved in a recent charity auction for the Royal Brompton & Harefield Hospitals Charity.

23 March 2017|Categories: News articles|

Thinking outside of the breakout area

High-profile office design projects for large companies with big budgets and lots of space often feature affordable ideas that benefit smaller businesses too.

18 January 2017|Categories: News articles|

Office design trends for 2017

After a year of so much change in the UK, office design trends for 2017 are set to be all about people and personality.

5 January 2017|Categories: News articles|

If your building has got it, flaunt it!

Crisp, clean lines and smooth surfaces have their place, but utilising a building's original or hidden features can result in a truly unique office design.

14 December 2016|Categories: News articles|

The natural approach to improving workplace wellbeing

A university study has shown that introducing natural elements into the working environment can have positive effects on employees’ wellbeing.

20 October 2016|Categories: News articles|

Meet the economic new Airedale Ecotel cabin cooler unit

The Airedale Ecotel™ is a new self-contained outdoor cabin cooler for telecom base stations, shelters, outdoor cabins and re-locatable equipment buildings. It's also well suited to buildings where internal space is limited or unavailable.

6 October 2016|Categories: News articles|

Safer, smarter, simpler: glass balustrades do it all!

Balustrades can be a key focal point in a building’s interior design, and glass is becoming seen as the material of choice in their construction.

14 September 2016|Categories: News articles|