High-profile office design projects for large companies often grab the headlines. The innovative new offices of American television network HBO in Seattle are a good example. To some, it may seem that these modern, elaborate designs have little relevance to small or medium sized businesses. But there are always useful aspects that could easily be incorporated into the office design of any company.

For example in HBO’s new offices, they have introduced whiteboard walls in the corridors. These allow teams to hold quick presentations, and give individuals some additional creative space. This inventive use of an otherwise functional area offers the perfect alternative to conventional breakout areas.

Breakout areas are very popular as they enable collaborative and creative thinking, and enhance employee motivation and productivity. But not every business has the space to accommodate a breakout area, so HBO’s approach is one worth considering. And it can often be simple to achieve through the use of writable paints or wall coverings. This can help transform a dull or functional area into a much more versatile and valuable one.

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