As designers and installers of professional technical environments such as data centres and server rooms, we are always open to new products and solutions that deliver greater flexibility or performance. We were therefore impressed by the new SmartCool™ i-drive precision air conditioning (PAC) system by British manufacturer Airedale Air Conditioning.

The SmartCool™ i-drive is an inverter-driven PAC with a clever split evaporator coil. This helps manage air distribution and prevent hot spots by providing a high level of control over dehumidification and cooling capacity when operating under constant pressure control, and by removing the need for reheat. Airedale claim class-leading energy efficiencies, and say that the system typically outperforms its nearest rival by delivering up to 21% more cooling kW/m2.

The single-circuit system delivers very precise supply air temperature up to 26°C under variable heat loads and wide outside ambient conditions of between -20°C and +50°C. It’s designed for use in high-density applications using elevated return air temperatures, hot and cold aisle containment as well as perimeter cooling environments, and provides a highly versatile, resilient cooling solution that can adapt to load requirements.

Also, we were particularly interested to see that the range is designed for pipe lengths of up to 100 metres. As designers of data centres, this gives us and our clients greater scope in the siting of outdoor condensers, without compromising efficiency and performance.

The specification and installation of air conditioning is just one aspect of our technical environment design and installation service. To find out more, please get in touch.