Trends in office design and layout have changed rapidly in recent times. For example, we’ve seen a decline in requests for office layouts where every employee has their own desk. And we’ve seen a move towards space planning, technology and furniture that enable more adaptable and collaborative working environments.

At Procol, one of the key trends in 2016 has been the use of adjustable or moveable partitions, hot desking and sit-and-stand desks. These enable more collaborative and flexible working opportunities.

Alongside furniture that can adapt to changing needs, technology also has an important part to play. For customisable workspaces to be used to their full potential, employees need to be able to ‘plug in’ and work wherever they locate themselves.

Furniture with charging and USB ports incorporated into their design helps to make this possible. Providing a sufficient number of well-positioned power sockets is also important – and enabling easy network access (via Wi-Fi or cables) is critical.

Another prevalent trend in office design is environmentally friendly furniture. Businesses are increasingly becoming aware of their carbon footprint and are moving towards sustainable solutions. As well as the benefits to the environment, there are often benefits to a business’s balance sheet. Showing consideration for the environment reflects well on a business’s brand, too.

No matter what the current trends, we are always able to provide expert advice on the best office design solutions to suit your business needs and workspace. To find out more, please get in touch.