Businesses and facilities managers are always looking for opportunities to make cost savings. Replacing an old heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) system with a modern hybrid version can deliver some welcome efficiencies.

Hybrid heating systems actively operate in conjunction with changes in temperature in your office. They maximise potential energy efficiencies and distribute heat in an even way throughout your working environment.

Traditional HVAC systems combine a heating furnace alongside an air-conditioning unit, whereas a hybrid heating system replaces the air-con unit with a heat pump. In hot weather, the pump extracts heat to keep the office environment cool. Conversely, in colder weather, the pump warms the office. By monitoring the changes in temperature, a hybrid heating system can minimise the level of energy use, allowing for maximum energy efficiencies and savings.

Additionally, traditional systems need a constant source of fuel. But hybrid heating systems can change temperature throughout an office using a refrigerant process that reduces the demand on the gas furnace.

As a result, hybrid heating systems are shown to provide a 3-4% annual cost saving and a welcome reduction in businesses’ carbon footprints.

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