According to a new report by Leesman, 46% of employees in the UK say their workplace does not allow them to work productively. This means that approximately 1.3 million employees in the UK believe their office is not fit for purpose!

The study took place across 67 countries and included more than 250,000 employees. It looked at how poorly planned workplaces can have a negative impact on employees and hinder their ability to perform to a high standard.

Dr Peggie Rothe PhD, who led the study, said “Offices are assets – tools in talent management strategies, gears in product innovation, instruments in brand development and organisational performance”.

The report, entitled ‘The Next 250k’, highlighted some key areas in which organisations need to focus, including:

  • Office layout: features highlighted in the report that have the biggest impact on employee’s ability to be productive are the space between work settings, dividers and noise levels.
  • Open plan or enclosed offices: the results showed that both options can be equally productive, but that employees in the highest-performing offices are often in open-plan environments.
  • Workplace transformation: the report highlighted that transformation projects do not always deliver against their aims. It is important to make sure you seek the correct advice to ensure the investment delivers a significant benefit.

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