Post-Covid office presentationLooking for a glass balustrade or screen to help make your office Covid safe?

Procol can help you prepare your office space practically and flexibly to achieve the safer ways of working needed today – and to easily accommodate any changes that might need to be made tomorrow.

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Balustrades can be a key focal point in a building’s interior design. They are often seen made from a range of materials such as wood, stone or stainless steel. Now, however, glass is becoming an increasingly popular option as it offers benefits that other materials struggle to match.

Glass balustrades can create a sophisticated touch to a building. They allow natural light to flow throughout and never block a view. This helps to give the feel of more space, and creates a cleaner, more modern look.

And at the same time as opening up spaces and views, a solid glass balustrade trumps railings or wires in the prevention of accidents such as children getting stuck or items falling through. The strength and safety benefits of glass can be a particular advantage for commercial buildings.

Another key advantage of glass is its design versatility. Due to the ease of combining it with other materials, there are many options to choose from including tinted or frosted, steel framed or frameless, and wooden handrails or posts.

If you’re thinking of enhancing your building with a glass balcony or glass balustrade as part of your office interior scheme, we can outline all of the options. Not only that, we can supply and install it for you. For details, call us on 01225 701701 or email

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