The design of your workspace can have impact on everyone from employees and customers to investors and industry peers. It’s therefore important to ensure your office design reflects your company’s values and culture.

For example, take a look at the new Southern California headquarters of Vans, the streetwear brand. Based in a town popular for surfing and skating, the design of the new HQ deeply reflects the company’s values and culture.

The office design has some fantastic features including unique artwork, a boardroom lined with iconic wooden skateboards (which pay homage to Vans’ local roots) and the facility for employees to skate around the building.

Office design is a great way to both reflect and enhance the culture of your business, and there are many ways in which to do so. This thinking has become commonplace for some of the worlds largest corporations. For example, Google are known for having slides, lots of bright colours and cool breakout areas in their office buildings, and Facebook like to include lots of indoor/outdoor spaces in theirs.

While many of Procol’s clients do not have the budgets of Google and Facebook, we have helped create many office designs that inspire and ‘wow’ our clients. Our work for Trowbridge-based Apetito is a great example.

For more details about Procol’s approach to office design, get your skates on and view our office design page or simply get in touch!