Are planning a new data centre that may need to grow or increase in capacity over time? Or are you developing a server room where the space involved is proving a challenge? If so, we think that the flexible, scaleble new TurboChill™ Water Cooled air conditioning units by Airedale Air Conditioning may form a valuable part of the solution.

The TurboChill™ Water Cooled range was created in response to the demand for a higher efficiency but still compact water-cooled air conditioning unit. In addition to its significant energy efficiencies, Airedale state that the unit provides up to 111% more cooling per square metre than any of its nearest competitors.

The new compact spray-type evaporator technology has reduced the necessary footprint by 67% and reduced the weight of refrigerant charge by 56%. At the same time, Airedale say that the units still provide the same performance when compared to a traditional flooded shell and tube evaporator of the same capacity.

The TurboChill Water Cooled units have also boast a scalable, modular design, enabling multiple modules to be connected together. This innovative feature allows for capacity to easily be increased at a later stage, as your requirements change and grow. In addition, the new component layout enables several units to be positioned side by side in restricted spaces.This ensures easy access to all essential parts, which makes both installation and maintenance that much easier.

And with magnetic bearings within the compressor allowing for no mechanical contact or friction between surfaces, the need for lubricant is eliminated and the units run almost silently.

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