Crisp, clean lines and smooth surfaces are not always the most exciting approach for an office design. Many buildings have original or hidden features that can greatly enhance the character of an office and result in a truly unique design. So before undertaking an office refurbishment, be sure to consider everything your building has to offer.

Incorporating a building’s authentic, original features into an design can have many benefits. It allows the space to have a naturally creative and rustic feel. It pays respect to the original architects and builders while celebrating the building’s history. And it allows for a completely distinctive look.

What’s more, this approach is not limited to highlighting historic features such as brick walls and concrete floors. Removing or omitting suspended ceilings in favour of leaving cable ducting and pipework on show can also add a raw quaility that conveys a business’s pragmatic personality.

There are some downsides to this approach, however. It’s often not the cheapest option, as each individual building’s infrastructure needs to be carefully considered and handled differently. Techniques such as sandblasting of existing walls need to be undertaken with extreme care, and its important to take into account that it can be more expensive to heat and cool spaces that are more open and exposed.

At Procol, we consider each client’s needs and working environment on their own individual merits. We have many years’ experience of working in all types of building, and we can offer expert advice on the best approach to your particular office refurbishment project. To find out more, please get in touch.