The Ecotel™ is the new self-contained outdoor cabin cooler unit from British manufacturer Airedale Air Conditioning. It has been purposely made for cooling telecom base stations, shelters, outdoor cabins and re-locatable equipment buildings. It’s also well suited to buildings where internal space is limited or unavailable.

The Ecotel™ reduces energy consumption by utilising the benefits of low ambient temperatures. This contributes to the impressively low running costs of only £110 per annum.

You can choose from five different capacities ranging from 5kW – 15kW, plus four different modes of operation and four case sizes. The Ecotel™ therefore allows true flexibility when selecting the right air conditioning unit to match your criteria.

Specifying and installing air conditioning solutions such as the Ecotel™ are just one aspect of our technical environment service. To find out more, please get in touch.