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Data centre upgrade

A data centre upgrade may become necessary if your current data centre is nearing the end of its life, or you require an increase in its capacity. Procol are experienced in a wide range of data centre upgrade projects, ranging from small tasks such as the installation of an efficient new cooling system, through to full refurbishments.

Our in-depth M&E experience, in-house project-management expertise and extensive credentials have made us first choice for a growing number of clients – including those whose who need us to upgrade their data centre while it remains operational.

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Our professional services include:

  • Space planning of data centres and offices

  • Technical room design

  • Mechanical and electrical design and specification

  • Equipment and material sourcing and installation

  • Management of planning applications

  • Management of building control applications

  • End-to-end project management including selection and management of sub-contractors

  • Assistance to ensure client’s compliance with CDM 2015 regulations

  • Compliance with main contractor responsibilities under CDM 2015

Our clients include:

  • Vodafone (Cable & Wireless)

  • Huawei

  • Siemens

  • Thales Defence

  • General Electric

  • Smiths Group

  • Future Electronics

Key elements of data centres upgraded by Procol

Project management team meeting

The trusted choice

Procol can undertake and manage the entire process, and we aim to make the upgrade of your data centre smooth and stress-free.

Our experience of not only upgrading but also designing and building data centres means we have in-depth knowledge of every aspect of these complex technical environments.

Live-environment upgrades

Our expertise in data centres and other complex technical enviroments often enables us to carry out upgrade projects within live, operational environments.

Our ability to do this is a key factor for businesses who need to minimise room disruption and avoid downtime on technical equipment.

Build and fit out of a data centre

End-of-life replacement

Your data centre’s air conditioning systems, power supplies, backup generators, fire-detection and suppression systems and even lighting can reach a point where an upgrade or replacement is necessary or desirable.

We can audit your current data centre setup, advise you on its current condition, and then recommend, supply and install upgrades as appropriate.

Completed fit out of a data centre

Increased capacity

From selecting higher capacity, reduced-footprint cooling systems to reconfiguring your data centre’s layout, we can help you increasing capacity either within an existing space or by extending it.

We can also help with other aspects of increasing capacity, such as upgrading your data centre’s power supply and ensuring that suitable fire detection and suppression measures are in place.

Cooling system for a data centre

Energy efficiency

We can help you minimise the energy costs in your data centre.

For example, we specify and install innovative and bespoke solutions such as lighting systems with money-saving environmental controls, and direct and indirect free-air cooling systems that are considerably cheaper to run than traditional direct-expansion or chilled-water systems.

Project manager


We are experienced in constructing secure environments to high levels of Government accreditation, including the design and fabrication of specialist components such as Billinghurst grilles.

A high proportion of our staff are cleared to SC for the purposes of this work. We are also becoming increasingly involved in data centre projects of a List X standard.

Backup generator for a data centre

Redundancy and power protection

It’s important that your data centre remains unaffected should the mains supply fail. So we work closely with our consultants and switchgear, generator and UPS suppliers to design, supply and install power supply systems with a high level of resilience.

Our work in this area includes experience of supplying and managing power, generator and fuel-system installations up to 6MW (N+1).

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